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The Voice of Highway 101 :
A life well lived is the best foundation for a successful music career. So as Paulette Carlson enters the next chapter in her career, the petite blonde with the distinctive voice is infusing her music with a wealth of experiences that take her artistry to a new level. She returns to the country music community with the latest album, It’s About Time, filled with songs about life, love, family and the universal human experiences that unite us. The same voice that sent sparks through country radio leading the groundbreaking band Highway 101, with her self-penned song, “The Bed You Made For Me,” has returned with a compelling collection of songs that will quickly remind listeners of Paulette’s place in the country music community. As founder of Highway 101, Paulette helped re-define the face of country music in the late 80’s with such innovative hits “Whiskey, If You Were a Woman,” “The Bed You Made for Me,” “Somewhere Tonight” and “Cry, Cry, Cry.” The band won “Vocal Group of the Year” honors from both the Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association in 1988 and repeated those victories in 1989. Paulette moved on from the band in 1991 to raise her family, still doing some touring and recording. “I had a daughter and she traveled on the road with me”, recalls Paulette of juggling the demands of a successful country music career and motherhood. She briefly reunited with the band for its 10th anniversary in the mid 90’s to record and tour. Paulette has continued to be the consistent singer/songwriter that she has always been, a passion she’s had since her childhood in Moose Lake, Minnesota. After living the country life in Montana, this cowgirl is now back and ensconced in the Nashville community that she loves so much. This country chart topper is ready for the next phase of her career.


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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for your music and what you have done for veterans I am a marine Viet vet and I hope your brother is okay

  2. Been a big fan of yours and Hwy 101 since the beginning. Remember meeting you once in Abilene, Tx when y’all were opening for George Strait. I love your voice and music and been listening to you all day on Apple Music and YouTube and posting some on Facebook and thought I’d look you up on the web and see what your up to now a days . Glad your doing well and I’m going to listen to your new music and I bet it’s great like all your music in the past. God Bless !

  3. Hey Paulette,
    I’ve always listened to your music and have loved it. Was wondering if your touring anymore? Also wondering are you working on any new music. You (Highway 101) were always my favorite late 80’s early 90’s country band…….THE BEST!!!!!! Thanks so much & GOD BLESS!!!!!!

    Troy Leong
    “The Traditionalist”

  4. Just wanted to say I loved your band highway 101, as a transplanted new Yorker! To this day I still listen to your music. Thank you lady!

  5. I just wanted to say I am a big fan of you when you played with Hwy 101 you were the one that made them famous I will always be a fan thanks for the music have fun

    1. Hi Dewey,
      Thank you for the very nice note. It’s a good feeling to know that my music has inspired such kind support.
      I hope this note finds you and yours all doing well and fine.
      Hugs and all my best wishes,

  6. PS. I saw your show when I was in Reno you all played the Casino there and I got a front row seat loved you ever since

  7. Paulette Carlson this message is from Floydette Carlisle a long time fan who misses hearing you on the radio!! I first saw you and your band at the Aksarben Race Course in Omaha NE in 1988. You were simply beautiful and sounded GREAT!! My husband was the TRBP Agent there and when our assignment ended we drove cross country to our next assignment in Albuquerque New Mexico. We bought your cassette tape at your show and we played it all the way there and every chance we got there after. Your music was perfect for that trip to New Mexico and Albuquerque. Your voice and your music is magical!!! So hope to see and hear you again!

  8. Paulette’s distinctive voice and the message of her lyrics always left me wanting to hear more from her and Hwy 101. Her songs reflect Life’s obstacles.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Songs do tell stories and quite often reflect the writer’s personal life, like our 1rst hit, THE BED YOU MADE FOR ME. I was blessed to have been given THANK YOU VETS, as I hope that song helped to heal a lot of hurts that our Vietnam Vets had. Hugs and all my best to you and yours, Paulette

  9. You should have been on stage with Dolly, Reba, Crystal, and Tanya at the CMA’s. You must be the most under rated and under appreciated female country singer!!!

    1. Hi Ralph,
      You are very kind. Thank you for being so supportive. That means so very much to me.
      Hugs, Your Highway Girl

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for the lovely compliment.
      Right now the only show on the books is a festival in Aylesford, Nova Scotia on Aug.1, 2020. And that, of course, will depend on what continues to go on with the covid 19 problem. Hopefully shows will start up again as soon as this trouble is behind us. Hugs and all my best,

  10. I have seen her several times. She songs as beautiful as she looks!! Highway 101 was my late wife’s favorite band!!

    1. Hi Steven,
      I hope I was in good voice at the shows you and your wife were at. Hey, there were a couple times I needed to sing with laryngitis! But the show must go on. My prayers go out to your dear wife. Hugs, Paulette

    1. Hi David
      Thanks for the nice note. Hey, maybe it’s time for me to hit the road again. Hugs, Your Highway girl, Paulette

  11. Thank you for the music that you gave us. I remember so much of my life in the early 90’s by your music.
    I’m not a drunk because of,” whiskey if you were a woman”. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. So good to hear our music touched your life in a positive way, Steve. I hope all us well with you and yours during these crazy times. Hugs, Paulette

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